Monday Must Reads

A theme! A place to start. The idea behind Monday must reads is to give me a place to post not only the things I enjoyed reading from the past week but also to be able to try to convince you my loyal reader why you might want to read them too.There will be categories but depending on the week, the number of suggestions and their categories will likely change.

Without further boring explanation I give you my first Monday Must Reads:

Blog Post

Infographic- The Scenic Route to a Longer Life

I came upon infographic a few weeks ago and I’ve been waiting patiently for a post that really sparked my interest. They make a daily graphic explaining every variety of topic you can think up. This one I liked because it collected unlikely factors that have been found to prolong one’s life. I personally liked it because it said I can keep eating my garlic, keep collecting cats and that I chose well in that fiance who is still rocking 3 of 4 grandparents (you are welcome unborn children)!


New York Times- The Indoctrination Myth

A short opinion piece written by a professor actually studying politics and academia. Often I just like to read opinion pieces that reaffirm my beliefs and this is no exception. Does going to university turn you liberal and atheist? Me think not and me is correct. ::pats self on back::


New York Times- French-German Border Shapes More Than Territory

This article fascinated me. It touched on ideas I often think about. First, there is being so blinded by entitlement and ideas of how it “should’ be that people make their economic situations worse by refusing to admit that doing things differently might actually help. Ever since my early days studying German (CU-Boulder, German-minor shout out) I’ve thought that the US should consider the German schooling methods where not all students are taught the same after a certain point. This article mentions this see: “national apprenticeship system.” Finally, it made me think of the cultural characteristic of taking a bit less for yourself in the short term for the betterment of all (including yourself) in the long run, something I wish more Americans (and apparently some French) would consider. TMI? Sorry this article just combined too many of my nerd loves to allow brevity, I put it last for that exact reason. Still reading? Congratulations, you are as cool as me!


2 thoughts on “Monday Must Reads

  1. Yay! I love this idea. I will always have something to read! 🙂 That NYT article was fascinating, I totally think the American system of education should follow a more European model…our way of doing things (primary, high school, college for everyone) doesn’t work for every person.

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