Worth a Vist Wednesday

Alliteration theme, Too much? Oh well. So for Wednesday, which seems to be terribly appropriate as I’d rather be anywhere than at working watching freezing drizzle outside my window while getting “I’m going to rip you off because you’re throwing a wedding” emails, let’s talk about where I’d rather be. Currently there are pictures rotating on my homepage here and they are all from a trip my family and I took last year to the British Virgin Islands.

I know what you’re thinking, “Wow Kristen how brilliant, I should visit wonderful Caribbean islands? How creative you are! Do you have any other surprising suggestions?” Well, cynical reader, it gets better not only should you visit the BVI but you should do it by chartering a private sailboat! This private sailboat.

In my mind there are many ways you could pull this off. One, you, like I did, could hoodwink your parents into thinking you, your fiance, your brother and your brother’s boyfriend are the coolest travel companions ever, so cool they should just bring you along. Two, you could become very good friends with my parents and try to convince them you are better travel buddies than us (I know a few of you have already started this mission). Or three, sugar daddy/momma. And now that you are sure I’m an ass here’s a picture of my ass enjoying itself in the hot sun on Cow Wreck Beach (worth a visit).


Seriously though, considering that the cost of the sailboat includes all lodging, all food, all liquor, all transport (less airfare) and potentially all entertainment (if you like us only ever get off the boat to get piss ass drunk at Foxy’s and dance to 90’s music with people dressed as pirates), it’s really a fairly good deal. I’m saving up so when my parents finally realize we are lame I’ll be able to go with my lame friends on my own lame dollar.

To summarize: pictures of dad and fiance-Marcus at The Baths (cool rock formations on a beach). Good thing Marcus was there or the whole damn formation might have come crashing down.



4 thoughts on “Worth a Vist Wednesday

  1. Wha…?!?! $12K for a week?!?! Also, wouldn’t that just be weird to live with a man and woman you don’t know in close quarters during your entire vacation? What if you wanted to (gasp) have the sex?

    • Ahh yes. For 6 people that $2,325 each , which is totally pricey but comparable to a nice room on a cruise liner (especially if you plan to drink the booze or leave the ship). As for the weirdness hanging out with strangers, not at all, at least in reference to Mark and Sally. They are pretty much the coolest people I’ve ever met. And as for the sex, I’ll just leave you with this winky face ;).

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