Free-For-All Friday!

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday! Marcus sings that song and it always turns into Justin Bieber’s Baby song. I don’t know how he does it. That man is a wizard!

Well it’s Friday which on Not Exactly Hip means it’s Free-For-All day! I hope that someone out there is like me and when they think or hear the term Free-For-All they also hear it in the voice of the announcer on the N64 Smash Brothers (I was a Yoshi myself). That tangent is 100% allowed as it’s FREE-FOR-ALL!! Friday.

Today’s Free-For-All subject is Secretary Bird (pause for excited gasps, etc)

 Picture pirated from here


Thank you bird.

It’s starting to get nice here in Colorado, especially and thankfully on Sundays. Because I have a zoo pass and Marcus and I have felt like being outside in the heavenly sunshine we’ve been frequenting The Denver Zoo quite a bit. It’s free to us after all (less my popcorn addiction). Luckily the Denver Zoo has this super bad ass animal that I would venture to guess doesn’t get noticed very often. It’s placed in two different weird areas far apart from each other and one is so heavily forested you’re lucky if you see anything besides the loud, visiting Canadian Geese on the path in front of you. Secretary Bird is cool because it has sweet “hair” accessories, it’s tall but not freaky emu tall and it stomps its prey to death (take that smashed head snake). Not convinced yet? Check out this picture…  (pirated from here)

So Bad Ass.


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