Must Read Monday – Child Scientists, Creepy Dolls, Orchids and Pinterest

Happy Monday…

Today’s must reads…apologies for not having too many “reads” as I spent most of my weekend “reading” the sad state of my basketball bracket.

Blog Post

The Everywhereist

I got lucky with this one. About a month ago I was bored on the internet and I searched: “best blogs.” Deep. Luckily, The Everywhereist was suggested and I’ve been reading it for a while and find it informative and funny. If you think the weird things I say are humorous I think you’ll find The Everywhereist funny too; that and she gets to go to really cool places. This post is her version of my Must Reads except hers aren’t all readable and they come out on Friday. Definitely check out the YouTube link, I hope that my children turn out like the boy in the video. Given the fact that Marcus is a science geek and I’m just a plain old geek chances are good. I also liked the links about the bizarre place her friends rented in England and the volcano/northern lights pictures. I contemplated being very lazy and just posting this post for today but I was lured to post more, lured by sexy flowers…


The National Geographic- Love and Lies

This article I found in our downstairs bathroom. Usually I get annoyed that Marcus keeps things (like magazines) for a silly amount of years. I’m eating my words this time (don’t worry I didn’t eat them in the bathroom). It is a scientific article, for sure, but it is also very funny. It has to be funny because its basic premise is that orchids trick male bugs into thinking that they (the orchid) are female bugs so that the male bug will have sexy time with them, get disappointed, fly off, then get tricked again by another orchid, therefore doing all the (ahem) dirty work of gene spreading. Good for science geeks and horny bugs alike.

Pop Culture

Thought Catalog- Pinterest The Depths We Will Go to Not Read

I usually find posts on Thought Catalog to be snobbish and this article is no exception. It just happens to be snobby about something I feel snobby about and unlike other Thought Catalog writers at least this guy gives one a good laugh.

It took me a long time to figure out what I was supposed to do with Pinterest. I knew I I fit in the perfect demographic, 20-something female planning a wedding. I finally had to ask Sara what it was for besides looking at pictures. She suggested I use it to collect links (not just pictures, the pictures are the links) of recipes that sound good (and I’m capable of making, hello casseroles!) and ideas for the home. I’ve also started collecting ideas for wedding hair styles. Turns out it can be very handy. Handy if you aren’t just using it to post pictures of places you never will go, cupcakes you’ll never make, Disney princesses and cliche phrases. Although perhaps you are throwing a Disney Princess Cupcake party on a tropical island where the party game is “Guess the ending to this cliche phrase” and therefore perhaps I should stop being such a judgmental prick. (And you thought you could avoid pricks by using a digital pin board…haha GET IT?)


2 thoughts on “Must Read Monday – Child Scientists, Creepy Dolls, Orchids and Pinterest

  1. Oh man. I really fell off on my Pinterest use. I think what happened is that I used it like a file cabinet to keep track of the ideas/recipes I wanted to try, but then I never ever opened the file cabinet again and forgot about everything and just kept adding more and more and then I got overwhelmed.

    Also every time I opened it up there were so many people of the “cupcake I will never make/nail polish tutorial I will never try” variety that I usually just ended up annoyed? Does that make me a prick too? Hahah.

    I do think the Disney princess cliche phrase cupcake party sounds awesome though.

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