Totally T.V. Thursday – Dance Moms

Going with another horrible T.V. show addiction admission today. Admitting you have a problem is the first step right? I’m not quite sure where the steps will take me, to all quality television or perhaps reading? That doesn’t sound like fun.

I thought I did well admitting what I thought was my most shameful television addiction right off the bat, but as I sat down Tuesday night with a big ol’ plate of delivery Chinese food, the truth stared me in the face. ANTM is only a hint of this most puzzling tendency I have to become enthralled by horrid television.

Dance Moms, I thought can’t be that bad. Let’s think constructively about it. Does it have cooked up drama? I guess, isn’t all drama these days? Does it have bitchy rich people? Well not all of them are rich. Does it have a mean fat lady? You got me there she is both. Does it teeter on the line of exploiting children? Well only if you consider promoting a magnificent dance studio, mothers who have no lives of their own and one 10-year-old dancing genius on the backs of six other girls “exploiting.” Is it on Lifetime? Damn, you’ve got me, I can’t defend it any longer, I admit it, I shouldn’t watch it. But…

I’m not going to stop. I’ve watched every form of entertainment that has to do with dancing. Save the Last Dance? You bet. Girls Just Want to Have Fun? Got it on DVD. Center Stage? So much so that I recognized the star when she recently reinvented herself in that weird McDonald’s commercial about a green milkshake. (Sorry DVR-owning-people, you won’t get that reference). So You Think You Can Dance? One of the reasons I fell for Marcus is because he knew of a choreographer from the show by name.  I have only drawn the line once, Dancing with the Stars (if I wanted to watch lousy dancers dance, I’d dance in front of a mirror and call it television, commercial free!).

If there is anyone else out there watching Dance Moms. I don’t expect you to admit it. But I do have some gifts from one dance sister to another. The first, they are starting a new version of the show a MIAMI version! Bam! The second, if you saw season one of Dance Moms you’ll get this meme (not really a meme, as I’m the only one who has ever posted it) and if not you’ll probably just think I’m crazy and really lousy at MS paint .




2 thoughts on “Totally T.V. Thursday – Dance Moms

  1. *Sheepishly raising hand* Ahem. I have watched some Dance Moms. Not all episodes, but enough to be embarrassed. Also, can we just talk about how a large woman like that is a choreographer/owner of a dance studio…?

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