Monday Must Reads- Presidents the naughty, the haughty and the wanna-bes

Firstly, by the power of internet activity tracking sneakiness I know NO ONE clicked the link last week about orchids. Shame on you people (person)! It’s fascinating and funny. I’ll post the link here again just to give you a chance to redeem your unlearned selves, trust me it’s 100% better than an article about Pinterest (of course, there by making it 157% better than Pinterest itself). I’ll even rename it in an attempt to sex it up!

Sexy Flowers and the Bugs Who Love Them – National Geographic

To today’s must reads (when really you should be catching up on last week’s, evidently)

I discovered StumbleUpon last week. It only took me 11 years after its inception to discover it. Quite remarkable considering it took me 19 years to realize that stretch pants paired with oversize shirts were no longer hip (coincidentally, that realization was almost just time for them to take over college campuses and be renamed “leggings”). The point is I found today’s must reads using stumbleupon, my new best friend.


2012 Presidential Candidates Quiz
Ever wonder if you deep love for Mitt Romney is true or if you’re just being tricked by the corrupt conservative media? Well now you can know for sure. It’s a long quiz but useful to make sure you are not a hypocrite scumbag. In case you were wondering (as I’m sure all you do is think about me) Obama did come out on top for me after Paul gave him a run for my vote with his hippie drug policies. Skated by hypocrisy once again!


Out of Balance
Letting you off easy again, this is a graph about wealth distribution in the USA. I’ve often thought, cynically to myself or out loud to anyone within earshot, that poor people who vote Republican based upon economic issues think they are richer than they are. Right again I am, damn it’s good to be me. (disclaimer, this graph really doesn’t prove my point, I infer my correctness based upon my strong previous record of know-it-all-ness)


6 Great US Presidents and Their Crimes Against Humanity–
This article is very amusing. Much more amusing than any crackpot description I might think up to describe it. It also has some facts which might come in handy if you enjoy bar trivia as much as I do.

Finally, I’ll plea to you again in Cosmo speak, dear reader, read this: All Natural Tips for Building Romance and Propagating your Genes Darn, got a bit scientific-sounding there at the end, oops.


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