Totally T.V Thursday – Gilmore Girls!

I might be able to write an entire blog about the Gilmore Girls. I know at least one person who would like that, in fact she probably should be the one to write it.

I used to have to get my Gilmore Girl fixes from reruns and borrowing from my drug dealer friend (see above) who has all the seasons on DVD. Luckily around black Friday last year she called me in a panic. Gilmore Girl seasons were going for $7 on and I had 14 minutes until the sale was over. FRENZIED EXCITED PANIC. I managed to acquire seasons 3, 5 and 7. Odd numbers rule (as do odd people). Merry Christmas to me.

I started watching my very own Gilmore Girls DVD’s at season 7. I was through borrowed season 5 of my second full run through the seasons when the DVD’s came into my life. Last week, thanks to half a bottle of white wine and Marcus’ weekly “boys play with dice” event me and the girls got reacquainted.

That night I got hit with a longing. Gilmore Girls brings up many a sense of longing to the wise viewer. I wish I could eat at Luke’s everyday.  I wish I could interject obscure culture references into my everyday speech without sounding like a hack. I wish I could, at any moment, revert to my rich W.A.S.P. upbringing. I wish Kirk would never get his own story lines. I wish I went to Yale. I wish I looked good with bangs. And of course the most frequently occurring wish, I wish I lived in Stars Hollow.

Stars Hollow. Oh how I long for thee.

Oh Stars Hollow, you’ve got it all. Small town charm to the max. You’ve got a square and a gazebo! You have silly town characters and everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business. It’s like having a gigantic close-knit family but you don’t have to feed and clothe all of them. And unlike all the small towns here in the West there are no meth addicts. The trouble is, Stars Hollow is not a real place…yet.

Half of a bottle of wine frees the mind to come up with glorious ideas. My idea is to make where I live just like Stars Hollow. I have absolutely no clue how to make this dream a reality. There is one option, I could move to Broken Bow, Nebraska (Marcus’ hometown). It has a town square complete with gazebo and where Luke’s would be is Emily’s an ice cream shop (although soon to be MIL told me Emily’s may have gone out of business, which would never happen in Stars Hollow).

Stars Hollow? No, Broken Bow, NE.

Since moving to Nebraska isn’t a real option. I need help. I need volunteers. Volunteers with good ideas who live in Denver. I want to make a Stars Hollow here and I want you to be a vital part of it. It’s that or spend all my days on the couch half-drunk and wishing my life was like television.


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