Monday Must Reads- Wardrobes, Chuck, Direwolves

I missed last week, that’s going to happen from time to time. The good news is it gave you all time to catch up on your previous assignments and I have to say I am very proud. Nine of you (I didn’t even know there were 9 of you in my class) at least pretended to read the orchid piece by clicking the link. Your quest for knowledge is admirable, well done! Guilt always works, just ask my grandmother.

On to Today’s Reads:

Blog Post

Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Detox

I read this blog post about cleaning out your closet. Then I actually followed the advice and spent Thursday night cleaning out my closet and listening to Grimes (it’s an addiction). Of course I had to spend all weekend doing laundry and putting it away in order to actually have clean clothes to clean out. Then I walked around saying Wardrobe and pretending to be British. (That part is a lie). I really did clean though, check out the proof:



Pil'o'reclaimed hangers

Now I get to go shopping, which really was my motivation all along.

Chuck Klosterman

So What if Mountain Dew Can Melt Mice?

Yes, Chuck Klosterman is the category. I kind of forgot about Chuck Klosterman, it happens when you have a short-hot-one sided romances paired with cranberry vodkas. Once upon a time I obsessively read Chuck Klosterman books, then I just kind of forgot about him. Sorry Chuck, I know you must miss me but David Sedaris came to visit me Denver and well, I got a new love.

Then Mr. Kevin sent me some article links about NCAA basketball and Don Draper and holy smokes they were by Chuck Klosterman! The moment was like how you always wish it was when you run into an ex, not awkward and you remember the love  you had (not the after break up stalking) but don’t feel bitter that you haven’t talked in two years.

I chose this article because it reminded me of Zach Clark, the Mountain Dew, not Chuck’s beard (Zach’s is more red!)

Pop (or not so pop) Culture

Winter is Coming

Click it. Get it?
Yes – Funny right? Aren’t you so excited? Me too.
No – That’s too bad, because it’s a really good time to be a nerd.


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