Worth A Visit Wednesday- Molly Brown House Museum

One hundred years ago today the Titanic had left the harbor in England and was making it’s way to New York. It seems only fitting then, that I should suggest today a visit to the historical home of one of Titanic’s most famous survivors, Margaret Brown, in Denver, Colorado.

A few years ago after a lovely tour of a plantation in New Orleans I decided I wanted to be a tour guide and I also wanted something to do with myself on Sunday afternoons that didn’t involve listening to Iron & Wine while sobbing about being single. Enter the Molly Brown House Museum.(It was about this time that Marcus also entered my life, a convenient double negation of the Sunday cry-fests)

The Museum offers daily (except on Mondays and Holidays) tours of the house where the Brown family lived. This year they are also doing specially themed Titanic tours in honor of the 100th Anniversary. The tours are excellent but there is an even more exciting way to visit the home and the experience the history of both Margaret Brown and the Titanic, The Titanic Dinner. If you, like me enjoy history, drinking and stuffing yourself like a Christmas goose then The Titanic Dinners given at the Museum are the perfect for you. It’s expensive but I assure you it’s worth the price (I’ve never attended one myself but having volunteered at one, during which I had to stop myself from licking the plates that came back from the guests, I feel confident suggesting that you keep your dignity and simply buy a ticket).

Whether you go for a $10 Titanic tour, a $25 Victorian Tea and Tour or the big guns of the Titanic Dinner, this year is the best year to visit the house museum, unless of course you have plans to cryogenically freeze yourself and attend the 200th anniversary instead.

Now just for fun, I give you a few of my favorite Molly Brown Facts:

  1.  Molly Brown was never actually called Molly Brown during her life. As a child she was called Maggie and as an adult she was called Margaret Brown or Mrs. J.J. Brown.
  2. She came to Colorado to marry a rich man. Instead she married J.J. Brown for love, well before he became wealthy.
  3. She was not, as some movies have portrayed, a social “new money” outcast. In fact she was on vacation with John Jacob Astor and his wife before boarding the Titanic.
  4. Margaret Brown had not originally planned to take the Titanic back to America. She booked passage last minute to return home because her grandson was ill.
  5. By the time the rescue ship the Carpathia docked in New York City. Margaret had raised $10,000 for the poor survivors and she didn’t leave the dock until she knew all the survivors had somewhere safe to go.

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