Must Read Monday- Grizzlies and Addicts

Hello Monday people. I hope your Monday is devoid of irritations (like wind, procrastinators and large corporation bureaucracy) and full of wonderful things (like new babies). Whether life is good, annoying or both here are some things to read….


A Death in Yellowstone

This article is about (killer) Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone and the complications that rangers face, trying to keep nature natural while keeping tourists safe. I found it very interesting especially because the grizzly’s paws in the picture reminded me of The Berenstain Bears. It’s an extremely long article so you’ll likely have to read it in parts (that’s what I did). If you’re into death, there’s also a book called Deaths in Yellowstone, that I own, and a surprising number of people die in Yellowstone after trying to rescue their dogs who have jumped into those bubbling (boiling) mud pots and pools. That is why, now, you’re not supposed to bring your dog on those trails. It is also why you’re not supposed to be a complete moron.

Blog Post

The Art of Being Switched On

Know a person who can’t put down their smart phone even when you are talking to/crying because of/dying in front of them? Me too. Ever feel like you are that person? Do you figure those of us who are sitting next to you don’t really notice? We notice and this blog explains (along with other things) what we are thinking of you while you’re ignoring us, our time and our company. I like it.



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