Worth a Visit Wednesday: Familiar Faces in NYC

There’s nothing like “accidentally” running into someone you know when you’re out traveling the world. We had two types of these encounters on our trip to New York City last September.

Friend Encounter Type 1: I live here, yes, I’ll take you somewhere local, yes, there is actually a place you can afford to eat dinner in NYC. Friend Encounter Type 2: The oh I could see you all the time as we live in the same city but it’s much cooler to get drunk with  you in a different place (that or we are only cool to hang out with when there is no local competition).

It may seem silly but it can really throw a bit of spice into the middle of a couple’s only trip to get some non-stranger human interactions. For Marcus and me it was extra special, as these were our last friends to see us before Marcus oh so sneakily proposed.

First, Anna, my friend from the best place in the world, helped us to not only feel cool by telling us how to conquer the subway (Upper West Side you’re my bitch) but she also took us to $10 fajita night at Cilantro! Really good fajitas for $10! No matter that I had just seen her a month earlier, there’s never enough Anna or fajitas.

Chea's daring go into a public restroom!

How convenient that at the same time Marcus and I were visiting the Big Onion our Denver buddies, Chea and David were there too. Seems like a perfect occasion to drink at a tourist bar and some other sports bar that may have been near the bar a former NYC resident was attempting to guide us to by phone.The first Jekyll and Hyde, in which we were 4 of the 6 patrons until two fellows appeared and spent the drinking time trying to convince us they were from Liverpool. I, for one, am still not convinced. The highlight of this bar were the bathrooms behind the bookcases, interesting enough that Chea with her fear of public restrooms even -almost- ventured inside.

Then we decided to go somewhere else and the details become hazy. Apparently it was a bar related to some university and sports. It was not the bar Zach was trying to send us to. I took pictures of people exiting the bathrooms. David danced, jumped of bar stools and nearly got us kicked out. Then we took a picture in which we all look convincingly sober.

Just some non-tourists fans of sports and school.

How fun it is to unintentionally travel with friends!


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