Monday Must Reads: Camels, Dance Parties, Poor California


Once Upon a Time in Dubai

Pictures from Foreign Policy Magazine (meaning no actual reading) of Dubai before the boom! I assume by “before the boom,” they mean before Carrie and the gang visited. I don’t have much reference for comparison of the old Dubai vs. today’s Dubai because I’ve actually blocked out the only visual reference I have (Sex and the City 2, biggest waste of my life, including hipster boyfriends) but I still enjoyed the pictures because I happen to like camels.


Swedish Lunch Disco

Newest hippest thing arrives from Sweden (again, damn they are good), lunch time dance parties complete with actual lunch (unless you’re like me and no actual lunch exists without french fries)! I once thought I’d start my own “Lunch Beat” here are the mixed results..

“distinct lack of sexual energy”

I at least got one thing right.

Blog Post

Dancing St. Petersburg

While we are on the topic, and again another picture post (reading is relative) how about some shots of people randomly dancing around the city? Yes, that sounds superb. Some of these people have serious hops others have serious vag. shots. Something for everyone!


California and Bust

I’ve been meaning to add this to Monday Must Reads before there even was such a thing as Monday Must Reads. Today is the day; I’ve been easy on you so far with your reading assignments.  This is the most interesting article I have ever read about how the economy got so damn sucky. It’s teaches us (in a mere 7 pages) how it was that the California budget issues rowed the state up Shit Creek. If all that sounds like a drag to you, there’s a picture of The Arnold on cruiser bike, so click it just for that!


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