Non-alliteration Series: Health Insurance

My job (do we call it a career?) can be boring.  I would imagine that most people would find  the things I do related to our health insurance quite boring. This is one thing that I actually don’t find dull. I like it because it’s stupidly complicated.

Yearly, with our broker, we choose plans to offer to our employees and figure out the associated costs. Then I have to find a way to try to explain the complicated plans to people who don’t spend their workdays swimming through jargon and help them to choose which is best for their needs and finances. I find this to be a challenge and in an office job a challenge can be oddly refreshing.

We try to chose plans that won’t break the company’s bank but also don’t have such outrageous costs and deductibles that it if something did happen to one of our employees they wouldn’t be financially devastated (if that is even a possibility these days).

I guess you could say we are nice but I imagine that most companies (at least the small ones that know their employees by name and can’t benefit from huge cost breaks for being huge themselves) try to reach this balance as well. Not exactly an easy task as health insurance premiums consistently eat up profit gains and income gains simultaneously.

Required Reading:

As Big Employers Pinch Pennies, Health Savings Accounts Take Off


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