Non-alliteration Series: Health Insurance (2)

I feel like I understand health insurance better than the average bear. I’ve heard that most people spend more time picking out a cell phone then they do their health plan. I believe it, iPhone vs Android is a life changing decision. Then again, even if people do have a choice to make it’s going to be pretty limited by the choices their employers already made for them. We for instance usually offer only 2 or 3 plans, usually from the same insurance company.

This got me wondering, why is health insurance tied to a job? Why are employers the ones paying for this? So I’ve started researching. Stop number one was This American Life. I had previously listened to one of their shows on health insurance and decided it was time to listen again. Even though the show was done as a run up to the vote on the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) it is still timely pending the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision. The episode didn’t answer my question about employer based health insurance, the quest for knowledge continues, but it is certainly an excellent primer on the topic. Give it a listen.

This American Life: More Is Less, ep. 391


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