Free-For-All: Friend Crush

So there’s crushes, celebrity crushes, girl crushes and then there’s whatever it is I get. The long description would be: the person I wish would magically become my best friend. Nothing romantic I just want them to want to hang out with me, perhaps grab a coffee or have shenanigans. For most of my life the object of my friend crush has been Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (I can say object instead of objects and has instead of have because they are a single entity. I don’t want one without the other).  Sara once suggested I take this desire to the TV Show MADE and I did, check out the results:

All I need to hook them was a good smize.

Truth be told, I’m over MK&A. They aren’t nearly as interesting now that they don’t go on adventures on dude ranches or hang with Stephanie. I’m of the opinion that not showering and wearing potato sacks kills your cool factor. So now I have a new friend crush.

I was trying to keep it under wraps, a blog link here or a mention there. It’s one thing to friend crush MK&A, they’ve been asking for it. It’s another to friend crush on an not-quite-celebrity. I will now, confess I have a serious friend crush on the Everywhereist. She’s absolutely hilarious, she has a cool life, her nose, that she hates, actually reminds me of the nose of a really nice German lady I know so I’m fond of it. I often almost tell Marcus about the funny thing my “friend” said today to only realize I actually read it on her blog. I think she might like me too (if she met me). I would laugh at her jokes, enjoy snacks with her and we could take horrible facial expression photos together. We could be best friends [forever].

I’m only admitting this now because she’s here, now, in my state and I really feel like I need to go up to Keystone, wander around and create a meet cute between us. That’s not stalking, right?


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