Totally TV: Today, in the Toilet

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t watch the Today Show as I got ready in the morning. Well until about two years ago when I found myself turning it off out of sheer irritation. Today, the day not the show, Ann Curry left (read: was forced off) the Today Show:

I fell like I know the powers that be at NBC would like to put the falling ratings of the Today Show on to the shoulders of Ann but it’s not her, it’s the people that decided that Today should no longer be a news show but a mere shadow of Entertainment Tonight with less famous people. Truthfully, Ann didn’t do a great job, she is in the zone when interviewing presidents of Middle Eastern nations. I think it’s a compliment to her journalistic skills that she can’t interview ass number three about the crap book she wrote or how ass number four survived with an elephant tusk impaled in his belly. It’s not Ann’s fault the producers decided now was the time to make a crap show devoid of interesting and relevant stories. List time.

Crap Stories that the Today Show Beat to a Pulp
(forgive me as these might be old since I’ve stopped watching):

  1. Missing blondes on tropical islands
  2. Guy whose wife ran off with his kid and then died
  3. Cooking tips I will never use
  4. Parents mad about something at kid’s school
  5. Charlie Sheen
  6. Woman with no face due to Chimpanzee
  7. Kids who” had” near death experiences
  8. The Duggers
  9. Homeless guys with deep voices
  10. Lindsey Lohan

The Today show is at least supposed to be partly a news show right? Could have fooled me.

Farewell Ann Curry, they suck and be glad you’re off the ship before it runs aground and then does stories about itself, interviewing itself until we all switch to CBS out of annoyance.


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