Must Read Monday: Ultimate Slacking and Fishing

Jenna has accused me of slacking on the blog. She speaks the truth, I have many an excuse ranging from crazy to tired but it really all signs just point to wedding. So to continue along the lazy trail my Monday Must Read is completely self-serving and already written. It also is terribly appropriate as without this must read there would be no wedding.

Kristen’s Hipster Fishing Trip

Most of you three readers already read this blog. Feel free to ignore me OR for the sake of nostalgia re-read. For the potential few of you to whom my previous fishing endeavors are new news, enjoy. See if you can pick out the man who will in less than three weeks time become my husband. Speaking of which I never did explain how he received his code name…

We were both at the same (very small) concert, days before we met in person. I was busy hanging out with Rande, glaring at my ex-boyfriend, drinking vodka and hitting on boys. He was busy hand dancing, he will deny the hand dancing but we both know it was true. The band playing was We Were Promised Jetpacks.

Tip: It will make more sense if you read it from the earliest post to the most recent. Count this as you Monday Must Reads for the next month or so.


2 thoughts on “Must Read Monday: Ultimate Slacking and Fishing

  1. That’s it? What the heck? I need more of a story than a paragraph that draws me in and then just gives me a big middle finger!

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