Work in Progress

Alright loyal fan, your patience is about to pay off! After a summer of blog inactivity (less the occasional rant) I have a new project in mind. On pause for a bit will be the general blog theme. Instead I’m going to be working on some stories, of sort, that will one day turn into a TV pilot and then a TV show and then into me and my peeps at the Emmys (well better yet the Golden Globes, way more fun).

All of these things will center around a female character, name undecided.

I Googled “How to write a TV pilot.” and got a nice little blog post, complete with comments all from people who can’t spell or use proper grammar so I already feel like I have a leg up on the competition.

Ms. Undecided is married, therefore, of course making her Mrs. Undecided. Blog post, of which I did no research on the author to see if his/her advice should even be taken, suggested that my characters have “Character.” Let me tell you Mrs. Undecided has so much character it will seem like I’m making her up but *spoiler alert* Mrs. Undecided is based upon a real person.

Mrs. Undecided has (but is not limited to) the following characteristics: she is terrified of dolls, she has a foul mouth in fact I think she actually enjoys being verbally offensive #sizzledepartment (sorry network TV this is only getting shopped to cable), she is the opposite of spontaneous bordering on OCD when it comes to making plans, she’s married (as previously mentioned) but still digesting that fact, is known to do stag leaps around the living room and is a hilariously scary when drunk.

Next time we will explore the characteristics of the #1 Supporting Character, Mr. Undecided.


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