Character Introduction #2

If Mrs. Undecided is indeed a Mrs. then it stands to reason that there is a Mr. Undecided, he may be named Fritz but that’s not definite.

The character characteristics of Mr. Undecided are extremely enthusiastic, makes candles as a hobby, can be extremely cheap, is a sucker for 10 for $10 grocery specials, more romantic than Mrs. Undecided and often challenges grandmothers and fathers of the brides to dance offs.

The relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Undecided will be at the forefront of the show, of course, but Mrs. Undecided will still be the main focus.

The Undecided’s relationship can be described as silly, cooperative, accommodating and a daily compromise. Some of the main points of conflict (because there must be conflict for a show to be of any interest) that will be in rotation are: Mr. Undecided’s unwillingness to brunch because, “he could make that;”  Mr. Undecided’s desire to have kids and Mrs. Undecided’s paralyzing fear of pregnancy (Rachel I did not steal this from you, meaning since this is based on a real person, YOU ARE NOT ALONE); Anytime their fantasy football teams play one another; Mr. Undecided’s mother (who does have a name: Rainbow) who lives a bit outside reality  (as seen by Mrs. Undecided).

The next post will either be the introduction of further supporting characters or a short story-ish thing featuring The Undecided (this is quickly going to become the name of the show).

This is a follow up post, if it doesn’t make any sense please reference this


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