And So it Begins

Well here it is, I don’t want to disappoint Kevin two days in a row. I had to go the past tense route as apparently I’m incapable of writing anything in the present. I might try again in third person, who knows. Please do let me know how not good it is, artists love pain.

Last night it happened again, an awakening puppy punch to the face, this time it was right during the part  when it became clear that John Stamos was again starring in my dream, my dream that I was directing a gay porn movie. I think that was the third time I had that dream this month, and it was only September 15th, well actually September 16th since was at 1:30 AM. I slumped out of bed not really attempting to leave my bed mates (there was a husband in there too) undisturbed. I stomped off to the bathroom and  instantly wished I had been more quiet.

I should have known she would be lurking the the bathroom, the small yawn gave her away. Sure enough, I opened the medicine cabinet (she has a liking for cupboard like spaces) to find her resting her tiny blonde head against my bottle of sleep aids. “Hitting the bottle again?” she asked with a sleepy smirk. “Oh shut-up!” I retorted unconvincingly as I pulled the bottle out from behind her.


One thought on “And So it Begins

  1. I don’t profess to know much about short fiction, but I LIKE this. It’s kind of in that fabulism vein of writing. Who is the little lady in the cabinet? I was going to a writing workshop with a friend of mine, which was great although it wasn’t for the kind of writing I’m pursuing. It was specifically for fiction (short stories and novels) or nonfiction (mostly memoirs). The noted Jim Krusoe, who leads the group, usually encourages people to write in third person because it makes the story more “reliable” to the reader. However, he also encourage first-person writing when it works. So, that should clear things up.

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