Monday, not exactly must read but “you could if you were so inclined reads”

Hello loyal fan,

Well I think we can all agree that that the first attempt at part of short story was rather lackluster, the trouble with no training, talent or editor, I suppose. At this point it is my usual method of operation (did you know this is computer jargon that became vernacular?) to just putter out and let it be another idea that never came to fruition. I will not do this, I will keep trying because I feel like I have something to express and this is the only thing that has inspired me to write in quite some time.

I was thinking about this blog and what it should be. I like being funny or attempting to be funny. I like, on occasion, being a bit political. Should I though, be more personal?

I’ve been inspired as of late by a few blog posts of others. Posts about life that are straightforward and honest. These ladies are always very truthful, even if it makes them look imperfect. They never simply allude to an issue or event without giving explanation (my internet pet peeve) or leave me saying, “what are talking about?” The posts: there is my internet friend crush’s recent post here and lovely Emily’s post here.

They inspire me to make this blog more about me, if only I felt more interesting.


3 thoughts on “Monday, not exactly must read but “you could if you were so inclined reads”

  1. You are one of the funniest, most-interesting people I know. You could be more personal in your writing (if you feel comfortable doing it) because people really connect to truth and honesty. They want to relate. Also, I want to be your Internet friend crush. Harrumph.

  2. thank you, kristen. i’m flattered. and thanks for introducing me to the everywhereist. she’s hilarious.

    you are funny too. and if you feel like being more open and honest, well, i say go for it. like what ovariation said, it’s what ppl connect to. and those are the blogs i keep going back to: the ones where they let you in on their lives in a really sincere and honest way.

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