TTT: Proud, Jealous and Disappointed

Check out this photograph…

It was taken by my super awesome brother as he traveled over Dallas Divide (Colorado). Speaking of whom, he has this really fantastic opportunity because Reid (the boyfriend) is working in the Netherlands for three months and Andrew gets to go for over two months of uncommitted European hang out time. I’m so very excited for the both of them. I always wanted* to move to/bum around in Europe for an extended period of time. I think I’m a little bit jealous but mostly just disappointed that I so very often have big ideas that I do very little to actually make a reality. I think I’ll make brother get instagram or tumblr so that I can at least live vicariously…

*Yes, I know I’m not dead and I still could do it


2 thoughts on “TTT: Proud, Jealous and Disappointed

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