October Catch Up – Cultivate and Birthday

It has been an extremely busy October which is a lovely departure from the somewhat depressingly slow September. So here’s a little catch up on our October activities.

Weekend one brought the first real snow of fall. So we decided that would be a perfect time to walk over to City Park for the (outdoor) Cultivate Festival. We ate free chili, watched some chefs make food, received coupons for free burritos and saw Tennis perform (while it snowed). I can’t recall ever having been at a show while it snowed, it was really beautiful and of course really made it feel like Christmas is Coming (only 56 days for those counting).

Free Tennis (no running required).

The green shirt and khaki pants people performing in the picture are married (Marcus is full of fun facts) and perhaps it’s just me in my newlywed bliss but I think I saw them stealing cute glances throughout the performance. Awe. The novelty of the cold eventually ran thin so we trucked it home to warm up by the television before the weekend continued.

We spent that evening celebrating Chea’s 29th Birthday. For the last 25 years I’ve been thankful to her for testing out each age for me. We watched Empire Records (my first time). I enjoyed it even though I suspect that her husband David miscounted the blind vote because I’m quite sure Step Up 3 should have won.


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