October Catch Up – San Francisco and Oakland

The second weekend of October we invaded the Bay Area and the home of Zach and Melissa. We had a fantastic long weekend with many interesting highlights including excessive use of our favorite self-invented verb “tourist”
Infinitive: to tourist
Present: touristing
Past: touristed
Example: Kristen and Marcus touristed around the Bay Area all weekend.

  • Alcatraz tour. I have family in the Bay Area so even though I’ve been through a number of times I’d never (sad) been able to accomplish my number one tourist desire. However we made it , with Melissa, this time on a cold and rainy day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think any other people also interested in creepy things would too.
  • Eating an overwhelming (x12 my lifetime) amount of Oysters at Hog Island Oyster Farm. We made a picnic and in the interest of saving money left the designated picnic space and ate even more oysters on the side of the road. I found out I am incapable of simply “shooting” an oyster (I blame the Vegas jell-o shot of 2006) but I am more than content to just chew it like normal food.

    a smile mostly born of fear

  • Big Giant Old Trees. Marcus loves all thing flora so we must (if possible) fit flora into all of our adventures from here on, which is fine by me because I’m a glutton for learning and I’ll read every placard regardless of how boring. So we had to see some big ol’ tree while in the big ol’ tree area and we decided on Muir Woods.

    Karcus is more thrilled than Zach to be inside a tree .

  • Discovering Oakland. All I really knew about Oakland before this trip was they liked to riot, The Raiders were from there and that Zach really likes it. We learned though that perhaps Zach knows what he is talking about Oakland does offer delicious food (BSide BBQ, Market Hall Bakery, !Cheese Bread! Chop Bar), nifty art, mandatory midday drinking (St. George’s Spirits), a decent museum (Oakland Museum of California)  and just the right amount of weirdness (be warned my threshold for weird is higher than most).
  • Hanging with our friends and family.Not only did we get to impose ourselves on Zach and Melissa all weekend but we had a lot of lovely time with Louise (out and about and in the Castro). We also had a side trip to Burlingame where my uncle Markus (with a k!) made us fondue and we got to hang out with Aunt Blanca and my hip cousin Allison.

    CO Crew  (and Melissa) in San Fran.

  • Totally Naked Guy. I couldn’t neglect to mention that we did see two naked guys in the Castro on our last day. We had been told that they existed (legally) but hadn’t seen one quite so obvious (and hairless?) as the man we saw in the crosswalk on our way to the airport. No need for a paper to sit on if you just stand in the crosswalk. No picture, obviously, this is a family blog.

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