Totally TV Thursday: ::cough Vampire Diaries cough::

Here’s how it happened. See there is this girl, Molly, she’s 17 and she’s my cousin. She sometimes recommends media to me, mostly YouTube videos (those kids really like their YouTube) but also things to watch on Netflix Instant. We both love Harry Potter and Law and Order SVU so I tend to agree with her television likes (apparently while I’ve grown older I have not matured in my television tastes). This is how I ended up watching 2.5 seasons of Ghost Whisperer (well that and a cold, a marathon on ion and a general disbelief how J. Love Hewis grew those giant boobs).

Equally “cool” with our H.P. Wands

Anyway, I sort of tricked her into watching Vampire Diaries for me. This is how I recall it going down, I said, “You know Vampire Diaries is on instant Netflix, it’s supposedly like a cooler Twilight.” Molly said, “Totally rad cousindoo. I’ll check it outseez, cuz I be lovin’ the Twilight but I would be interested in a new and better use of my time!” (I know, teenagers have a language all their own) Then, as predicted, she told me it was good. So I then could blame her for my latest (and possibly greatest) Netflix TV show obsession. I believe I watched 3 complete seasons in less than 3 months in order to catch up with the current season.

This is the part where I convince the reader why Vampire Diaries is good. Unfortunately I don’t have any supporting evidence except to say that  it isn’t Twilight. Which is why I think we should all take a moment to thank Twilight. If it wasn’t for Twilight setting the bar so low on vampire-lore  stories then we wouldn’t be able to say, “at least it isn’t Twilight.” Therefore, I absolve myself of my lack of taste when it comes to vampire media because while it may be bad, it isn’t THAT bad.

Synopsis (for those who would even consider watching an episode, otherwise skip ahead to picture). There is a teenage hottie and she attracts a pair of vampire brothers. They fight over her. Turns out she’s a doppleganger (she looks like and is distantly related to the vampire  who the brothers originally fought over who turned them into vampires) and that makes her even hotter. Then doppleganger’s best friend discovers her witch side and gets all magic. Her other best friend gets turned into a vampire by the “bad” brother. That vampire-girl starts dating the mean jock and it turns out that he’s a werewolf. (Take a breath it’s complicated, I’m sure it was the same at your high school) Finally there is one sad lump of an ex-boyfriend who doesn’t have any special powers but still gets to hang with the “cool” crowd. A lot of people die and there’s a lot of blood. (Don’t get attached to supporting characters they all die) And 4 seasons in doppleganger still strings both vampire brothers along. The episodes all end with an end credits song that sounds very similar to the opening number of Game of Thones which very nicely tricks husband into entering the room so you can try then trick him into watching the show with you. Hopefully, that all hooks you and if not I give you a meme stolen from the internet.

So there it is, it’s more of a confession than a recommendation. Don’t bother me on Thursday nights because I’m probably watching the Vampire Diaries while I listen to Sugar Ray, browse my old yearbooks, wearing my letter jacket and try over and over again to remember the password to my todayinvampires twitter account.


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