October Catch Up: Divide (bfn), Colorado

One of my other friends named Zach, not Oakland Zach, had this brilliant idea a few months back. He figured as adult people we should celebrate Halloween by renting a cabin in the woods and watch Cabin in the Woods along with other scary movies. I don’t know why I ever agreed. My history with being adult-like and tough is…well there isn’t a history of it because I never have been. The last scary movie I saw in the theaters was The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  Until this day if I wake up around 3 AM I will lay in bed willing myself not to pee in my pj’s because there is no way I’m going to risk demonic possession by leaving the bed. So thank you Hollywood for my future incontinence.

I agreed to Zach’s idea anyway and lured Kevin and Sara to come along with Zach, Jeof, Marcus and I. Jeof booked a place in Divide, CO. No one I talked to knew where it was and that’s because it’s in B.F.N. 30 minutes away from Woodland Park, which is about an hour from Colorado Springs (yes, there again). Divide had a nice The Hills Have Eyes Vibe going on so I didn’t leave the cabin until it was time to go home. It turned out to be a pretty fantastic weekend. We watched movies, played board games and celebrated Marcus’ birthday with enchiladas, cake and lots of me refusing to be anywhere alone.

I’ve ranked the movies we watched in order of scariness:

  1. Paranormal Activity (I violently awoke the night we watched it worrying my leg was too close to the edge of the bed)
  2. The Exorcist (always creepy but much more tolerable after #1)
  3. Frailty (Matthew McConaughey only has one shirtless scene)
  4. Let the Right One In (Swedish)
  5. Cabin in the Woods (this is an odd concept but I really liked it)
  6. Shawn of the Dead (we needed a mid-day laugh)

We also played board games including two zombie themed games, The Walking Dead Game and Last Night on Earth. This was the third time I’ve played Last Night on Earth and I’m always so close to winning (beating Marcus) but have yet to do so. This of course means I’m obsessed with it and considering paying people to play with me, anybody? It is a fantastic game though, if you’re into that sort of thing, which it turns out I am.

I wish we had photos but they would all look the same. Sara and I in our pj’s while everyone else wore real clothes. Me with a blanket near my chin ready for full face coverage. In fact I think by the time we finished watching Paranormal Activity (none of us had seen it before) Sara and I had both our arms intertwined. I might have also punched Zach’s leg at the end (sorry Zach).

Marcus managed to get one photo before we left. I was attempting to look demonic and am actually glad it’s not convincing otherwise I’d have to worry that possession is catching, it’s not right?

scarily awkward perhaps.


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