October Catch Up: POTUS in the ‘hood

Happy Election Day Everyone! Please forgive me when I inevitably get very stressed out and mouthy on social media today. Marcus yells at the Huskers, even when they are winning, until the last moment of the game when they secure the victory. Brian Williams, Chuck Todd and I have a very similar relationship. I got so mad at Chuck and Brian during the debates I had to cheat on them with CNN. I don’t like to jinx anything but fingers crossed that tonight it all goes the way I want. Nate Silver says it will and there’s no guy named Nate Gold so I figure his thoughts are the premier ones out there.

It’s been fun being in a swing state during a presidential election. Not only because of  how much I like to watch American Crossroads ads while picturing Karl Rove’s third chin getting so hungry it reaches up and ingests his head but here has also been the added bonus of VIPs hanging out in my neighborhood. First, current POTUS, you might know him as Obama, came to our park (City Park) and I went to see him with Marcus, Mom and Dad. Added bonus there was that the doors opened at noon meaning there was time for Tom’s Home Cookin’ beforehand. Double points for 5 Points.

Then less than a week later I was driving home and saw a line outside Manual High School (two blocks from us) and as with most lines I figured it must be for something good so I forced Marcus to get in it with me. Turns out I was right and we got our second dose of POTUS in one week, Mr. B.A. himself, Bill Clinton.

Blurry Phone Pic Proof!

I think all this POTUS time makes us honorary Secretaries of something… perhaps Housing and Urban Development. Either way my in person seeing of current and former heads of state has reached an impressive 2!

P.S. Vote!!!! (unless you’re voting for Romney in which case don’t worry about it because in the words of your old buddy Voldemort, “you’re going to lose.”)


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