a few of my (new) favorite things

Last weekend as I was preparing my Christmas gift wrapping area (yes, I said that like it is some kind of “normal” activity) I saw a thing of twine out of the corner of my eye and began singing, “A Few of My Favorite Things.” In particular the line, “brown paper packages tied up with string.” It dawned on me, I had never made nor received a brown paper package tied up with string. ::Cue light bulb over head:: Conveniently I had all the materials already available: twine (from previous brilliant idea), piles of brown shopping bags (courtesy of hoarder-like husband), Christmas colored yarn (leftovers from the afghan my 97-year-old aunt made me last year, she should be writing a crafting blog), letter stencils (the things you collect as a granny in a 29ish-year-old’s body) and of course Crayola markers (shame on you if you do not have any).    So ta da:

It’s more time consuming than normal gift wrapping, especially factoring in kitty-string playtime and when you not once, but twice wrap with the King Soopers side out.

One little hint, that I’m sure everyone but me already knew, To Make Super Awesome Bow: tie normal bow but with little bow parts and leave strings long, then make another bow with long strings, rinse and repeat. (don’t really rinse, that’s a “joke”)


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