Slight Changes

A little while ago I gave the blog a little revamp, by which I mean I trolled around for a new and free layout. More importantly I changed the tagline to match the slightly new direction I decided (with a bit of encouragement from my blog friends) to take not exactly hip.

The tagline used to read “read, discuss, enjoy” that’s back when I thought I’d be more of a collection of other people’s things with my opinion attached. As time wore on I realized I only read Slate, The New York Times (more sparingly now as I ration my 10 articles per month), my friend’s blogs, the occasional Vanity Fair and my internet friend-crush’s blog. While it works for me, not exactly thrilling for anyone else to read about over and over.

The new tagline of not exactly hip  is, “life, laughter and the pursuit of purpose.”

Life: Thanks to those blog friends I decided to dedicate more of the blog to stories and updates of my (our?) life. I always like reading about other people’s lives but never thought mine was really interesting enough to warrant a blog. Although, as I type this Kirby has his paw on my left hand, how could I type without him and what is more interesting on the internet than cats?

"90 WPM??? Child's Play"

“90 WPM??? Child’s Play”

Laughter: I still prefer to be funny. I like thinking that I might make people snort in the middle of their workday. Besides, I had that dark sad blog they just called it livejournal back then.

The Pursuit of Purpose: Purpose in life, purpose in blogging. I wouldn’t say I have a “calling” unless being ridiculously infatuated with Harry Potter and my friends with Down Syndrome is a purpose. So I felt like the “pursuit” of purpose fit nicely. Perhaps one day this will be a crafting blog, or a mommy blog or an even more obsessive cat lady blog but until then it will be a log of sorts of all the shenanigans that happen along the way.


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