Getting in the Christmas Spirit

This Hallmark movie on TV is definitely not doing it.

Here is a quiz.

When is it appropriate to start listening to Christmas music?
A) December 1st
B) The Day After Thanksgiving
C) November 22nd

Trick Question! It’s never not appropriate to be listening to Christmas music, even in July, Marcus. Although as we all know, my birthday (Nov. 21st) is the official unofficial start to the holiday season so I will compromise with C.

The truth is ever since I figured out that whole Santa thing (meaning of course, yes he does exist but has smartly subcontracted parents to do the heavy lifting) I’ve been on an epic quest to rediscover my Christmas Spirit (sidebar: Spirit is one of two words I still can only spell by chanting via sideline cheer, the other is aggressive B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E). Christmas Spirit for me means a kind of maniacal sugar-induced frenzy of excitement that is capped off by waking everyone up at 6 AM so they can watch me look over the loot that Santa instructed my parents to procure for me, an understandably difficult to recapture feeling once one attains puberty.

Here are the things I do every year in the hopes of reclaiming maximum Spirit:

  1. Decorate, duh, this could be an entire post (and probably will be) but for now it means forcing Marcus to haul a newly dead tree into our house.
  2. Listen to Christmas music. This year I even made a Christmas-y mix that I would love to share but I’m not that good at the internet.
  3. Watch Christmas movies. Specifically Christmas Vacation must be watched or it’s not Christmastime, Home Alone or Muppet Christmas Carol help too.
  4. Make a spreadsheet of all the people I need to buy gifts for, ideas for them and gifts already purchased (not exactly frenzied there)
  5. Force a loved one to attend a holiday themed performance. This year husband knew he was doomed anyway so smartly purchased Nutcracker tickets for me for my birthday, Thanks sir!
  6. Imagine how cute Kirby would look in an elf hat.
  7. Drink Egg Nog (alone, as I seem to be the only one in this place who likes it, meaning I’m then the only one buzzed off of a milk product)
  8. Curse Mother Nature for making it either a) stupidly warm for December or b) stupidly cold but without snow
  9. Beg my mother to make fudge, then stand around unhelpfully as she makes it.
  10. Egg Nog Chai at Starbucks, it’s not on the menu but they’ll make it (the weird looks the barista will give you are on the house)
  11. Act like I’m going to attend the Parade of Lights, only to do one of the following: be lazy and cold and stay at home; get too drunk to go or get there just time to see the last float.

Wow now that I’ve actually written all that down I’m not that surprised that with all my half-assed attempts I haven’t attained maniacal excitement in many years. Challenge accepted.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Getting in the Christmas Spirit

  1. The answer is actually D) November 1st (the day after Halloween).

    Also, just so you know, I’m pretty sure aggressive isn’t spelled with B-E at the beginning of it. Hopefully you never have to use that on a resume (or you won’t get the job).

    Lastly: I always forget Home Alone is a Christmas Movie! I gotta go out and find that asap.

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