Her name is Nymeria or perhaps just “No”

Well we’ve done it. We’ve become the kind of people who talk about dog poop like it’s an acceptable topic when having dinner with friends, so sorry friends hopefully this topic will soon bore us and we will go back to talking about really high brow things like Constitutional Law, Foreign Direct Investment and French Vinaigrettes. Go back to… start, it’s all very similar.

Anyway, this is a post about our new dog, Nymeria, or really just Meri because as BA as the name Nymeria is, it is a pretty big name for a little puppy. (For those who don’t know Nymeria is the name of one of the direwolves from the Game of Thrones books and for those of you who somehow also didn’t know, we are nerds)

Meri week one

Meri week one

We got her on a whim, coworker had a litter and they were giving puppies away for free so we brought her home, to see if Kirby liked her, he did and within the first 10 minutes Marcus was in love.

She barely fits in our laps at all anymore.

Puppy Love.

So then there was a puppy. She’s young, about 8 weeks when we got her three weeks ago. She a mutt but we know she’ll be big because she definitely has husky in her and possibly rottweiler. I could go on and on as our friends (former friends?) could confirm but I won’t, too much. She’s cute and smart and EXHAUSTING.  I just wanted the internet to know why there were no follow up Christmas posts as promised (Christmas turned into  breaking up puppy/kitty chases around the tree and teaching dog that unless her name is on the present she’s not allowed to open it) and why now, to my disgust, all Marcus and I have to talk about is dog poop, so look forward to more posts about that….joy.

Present Opening Skills

Present Opening Skills

Happy New, dog poop, Year!


One thought on “Her name is Nymeria or perhaps just “No”

  1. Readers — don’t believe it! Little Meri visited us on Christmas eve day and was the most adorable, well-behaved puppy ever! Are you sure that wasn’t Marcus running around the tree with Kirby?

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