A New Year’s Resolution?

I’m not much into New Year’s Resolutions, I think I’ve made three in my lifetime and two of them were to make my bed everyday which is still not happening, at least not thanks to me. I am however very into lists and so I decided to make a New Year’s Ultimate List. I was inspired because often Marcus and I think we’d like to go out to grab some food but can never think of where to go in the moment, and therefore end up eating an excessive amount of Pho. I always wanted to make a list of restaurants to try but never did get around to it, especially when that thought led to wanting to have a list of things to do around town and places to someday visit. I felt the need to consolidate, so I give you the ultimate to do list, it’s like Pinterest but in real life, less overwhelming and you know, with words.

A List:

  • eat: restaurants to try
  • cook: food we have and need to cook or recipes to try
  • shop: grocery list
  • see: things to do around town
  • go: places to vacation
  • do: to do around house

Ultimate To Do List


  • White Board (I pondered using a chalkboard but they aren’t as easy to come by)
  • Patterned Tape (Good to have a not too sticky kind so adjustments can be made)
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Little Mesh Bag to Hold Markers

Bra Strap Bag Reinvented.

I might still add some pinned on envelopes to hold magazine cutouts or take out menus. Happy New Year!


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