Gearing Up for Christmas 2013

Ok Marcus reader before you begin that long drawn out eye roll let me just point out that this post while it’s about Christmas is also about being prudent and *cost effective. So here goes.

I mentioned before about my never-ending quest to recapture the Christmas spirit, I was aided greatly this year by snow on Christmas Eve but damned it myself by failing to watch Christmas Vacation until the weekend AFTER Christmas (much to the delight of Marcus’ professional eye rolling team because upon seeing me watching the movie post Christmas he reached Level 8 Charismatic Eye Rolling meaning as a team they can all now defeat evil futuristic Morlocks).

I tried watching a few “new” Christmas movies this year:

  • Holiday Inn: awkwardly hilarious in both it’s outdated “black-face” routine and the referring to cars as, “horseless carriage.”
  • White Christmas: Part way through, remembered I’d seen the musical live a few years ago and stopped paying attention.
  • A Christmas Story: Yes, shock, gasp, I’d never seen it before and technically I still haven’t seen it because I fell asleep watching it.
  • It’s a Wonderful Life: Never took it out the box because I remembered I’d seen it in play form at some point.

Through all this I learned that Christmas is NOT the time to branch out and try something new (unless something new is fire whiskey in your eggnog).

Therefore in the coming months (while Christmas stuff is on sale, *cost effective) I will acquire the following DVD’s and next Christmas these will (along with the already owned Christmas Vacation and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) become required viewing:Childhood Christmas Movies

This collection probably won’t make any sense to people born before 1983 or after 1988 but for me it is childhood Christmas. So if it doesn’t, “Keep the change, you filthy animal.” What Christmas movies defined your childhood?


5 thoughts on “Gearing Up for Christmas 2013

  1. Those were definitely my favourite childhood Christmas movies, at least, the ones that I can remember. These days I find myself watching Love Actually annually to get in the spirit instead šŸ˜›

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