Christmas Cards a New Life

We are adults now, an exciting time because that now means we receive Christmas Cards!

Yes, I’m still talking about Christmas. No, I probably won’t stop anytime soon. In fact, I listened to Christmas music yesterday. I couldn’t handle one more story on NPR about people shooting people and the Michael Buble album that was still in my CD player seemed like the best thing to make me forget the bummers of the world. (That satin voice of his could make me forget to wear underwear).

Anyway, Christmas Cards. I love getting them but then when it’s time to put away Christmas decorations (worst day ever), I feel guilty just throwing the cards out but also want to discourage any and all household hoarding (do as I do, Marcus).  Not that I’d claim this idea as my own because I’m quite sure I read it somewhere; this year  I cut up the Christmas cards instead. No throw away guilt, oddly no guilt for cutting things up and feeling good about self for being so resourceful. You see, you cut off the parts that aren’t written on and then pack them up with the decorations. NEXT YEAR (only 348 days) use the cards in place of gift tags. BAM. Is it making sense? Well here is Kirby modeling the crafty-work. Come back in about 315 days for the glorious results!

He tired himself out with all that crafting.


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