Walder Frey Can Rot In Hell

Disclaimer: Spoiler alert for those of you having not read Storm of Swords (the 3rd Game of Thrones Book). Nerd alert for those of you who have no idea what Game of Thrones is.

You’ve Been Warned.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so mad at a fictional character as I was two nights ago at Walder Frey. Not Mr. Big. Not Draco Malfoy. Not even Professor Snape (at least he would prove to be a redeemable person in the end). I was strangling the air just to get my aggression out. (Bet Marcus is secretly glad he was out of town the night I read this part)

Damn you old man.

Damn you old man.

I knew that George R.R. Martin was not to be trusted but to kill off Robb AND Catelyn in the same damn chapter? Now that was just mean (to me). Then make it seem as though Arya died (well I showed you by scanning the rest of the book to make sure there was another Arya chapter, it was that or stay awake all night). ARGG, there are no words.


7 thoughts on “Walder Frey Can Rot In Hell

  1. The Robb image at the top isn’t funny and far more obvious than the disclaimer in much smaller writing at the top. Luckily, I’ve got this far in the books. But this could annoy a lot of people.

    • Unfortunately you’re right. This unfunny meme has ruined ‘The Rains of Castomere’ episode for me.

      And worst of all, I don’t even follow this blog. The image appeared to me simply because I Google-Imaged Walder Frey (because I wanted to remind myself of the character). What really adds insult to injury is the fact that this page is hardly even discussion. It’s literally just expression through a terrible meme and a few words.

      Kristen, if you enjoy a story and you want to express how it affects you, that’s great, but don’t do it in a place as public as this. Especially not with a cheap meme. It’s not worth the damage.

      • Dear random internet people. I am sorry the viewing of the TV show was “ruined” by your internet searches. I have no idea how my blog post (which I’m sure only 3 people even regularly read) some how became a Google top search, ask and complain to Google about it.

        I don’t apologize for the content, however, if you cared enough about the story you (like me) would have read the books, and would have known what was coming. This book in particular has been out for THIRTEEN YEARS.

        Word to the wise: If you don’t want Spoilers on a story that’s been out for over a decade DON’T FUCKING GOOGLE IT!

      • Seriously Jamie, the internet is on fire with this episode’s developments. It’s your own dumb fault for not just watching it before trying to poke around about it. Didn’t you think you might just be reminded of the character by, uhhh, let’s see, I dunno… the TV show with him in it?

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