Must Reads, Before Monday

It’s Friday, thank you week for finally (painstakingly slowly) ending. I worked on getting a bit more up to speed on the internet this week (ie it’s been a slow week at work) and so I have some fun links to share for either now, if your week was as slow as mine, or for that 3 o’clock hour when you’d like to say F-U to your boss and skip out early but in reality you’re really just going to stay at your desk and pretend to work. I’d like to thank my Facebook friends for providing me most of these links….

  • My lovely friend Marla sneakily started a blog just in time for “The Big Game,” called Sports Talk For Girls Learn some fun facts about Sunday’s Superbowl.
  • A real life Blast From the Past (not the lousy movie) about a family in Siberia that had no contact with the outside world for 40 years (from the 1930s-1970s), holy shit!
  • If you’re really behind the times (like me), just need a laugh (because anything Viking-ish is funny) or you are actually interested in Iceland visit Icelandwantstobeyourfriend the most brilliant tourism marketing I’ve ever seen.
  • Finally if your brain is already spent from reading all the above letters and words you can just look at pictures of a Cat with Eyebrows or Daily Otters

And now I’ll leave you with a thought, one that came to me by Watching Sister Act 2. Of all the fashion trends I may have participated in (or wished I could have) I feel like JNCO (family of five) jeans was the trend that I most knew at the time would be horribly embarrassing in the near future.

Oh 1993, you are the worst.

Scratch That, Can’t Hardly Wait, YOU were the worst.


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