Missing Fishing?

There have been a couple of things that have recently popped up on my radar that have made me nostalgic for my ol’ internet dating blog. (No marriage isn’t one. Yes, having great joke material is one.) fishing

  1. If I thought it was hoot (if I define hoot as a mostly traumatic experience with a magnificently glorious and unexpected ending) to date using plentyoffish.com, chemistry.com, good friends’ pity and speed dating imagine the hootenanny I’d have had if I had used one the truly surprising internet dating sites that are available (according to buzzfeed). I’m not sure which ones I really would qualify for, ‘Stache Passions perhaps or I could pull off (with a boob job and a hair stylist) WealthyMen.com.
  2. Some chick wrote a book and went around promoting it, claiming she mathematically figured out how to internet date successfully (I believe she defines success  as finding some poor schmuck to marry who meets the requirements of her ridiculously long man must haves lists).  I think it would have been a good read at the time and obviously and easy target take out my dating aggression upon.

Well gosh even just writing those two bullet points made the nostalgia die (phew!), good thing, because I’ve got it pretty damn good as is (jokes or no jokes), thanks to that three month fishing trip.

DAM Wedding


One thought on “Missing Fishing?

  1. Love this 🙂 even though my years of fishing helped me find a few great relationships, only to bring me back to someone I knew since 7th grade…there was no need to fish, but it helped me realize what I wanted in a man and in a relationship. So it did me good 🙂

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