Worth A Visit: Secret Beach, Kauai, Hawai’i

Before I even begin, for the novice (like us) going to Kauai, I have an absolute MUST DO before you even arrive. Don’t blow me off I’m serious. Purchase The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook. We were lucky enough to have a copy provided by our condo but don’t think you’ll be as lucky as us. Had we not been in Kauai for our honeymoon, therefore making it legally mandatory for my new husband to be dubbed my favorite companion of the trip, this book would have had the honor.

Back to the point. Marcus planned, as a surprise, our entire honeymoon:  flights, lodging, activities, lingerie (just kidding, we didn’t wear clothes). He even had it all written out on a calendar for me once we arrived (he knows just how I like it…organized!). There was one day on the calendar labeled “Kristen’s Choice.” Now if it really was 100% my choice it would have involved laying on some beach all day where people deliver french fries and strawberry margaritas (but alas that’s what you do in Acapulco, not Kauai) . No, Kristen’s Choice meant I better come up with something good, with which I would prove my skills as a new wife, blissfully launching us right to our Sapphire Anniversary. So with the help of the aforementioned book I chose Secret Beach (also called Kauapea).

Secret Beach, Kauai

I know what you are thinking, it’s not much of a secret if it’s in a book, but the trail (more on that in a moment) is not marked and had it not been for a friendly hippie in his VW bus we probably wouldn’t have found the trail head (even with GPS). So thanks good sir, I am secretly (ha) jealous of your life. Once we parked and found the beginning of the trail (which kind of felt like you were sneaking into some rich guy’s backyard due to the recently built adjacent fancy house) something happened to me, something I NEVER thought would happen and am still pretty ashamed that it did…

it looks friendlier than it is

it looks friendlier than it is

I wished I was wearing Teva’s (the classic mom/geeky guy kind). I was already wearing my summer favorites, Crocs (I don’t want to hear it, haters, these are cute Crocs, a hipster at OMF even complimented me on them once) but sadly they barely cut it for this adventure. The path, while not long, was very steep and had very few traction-providing rock formations. It was worth the effort though when we arrived on our own private beach.

don't mind if i do

don’t mind if i do

Because Kauai, is amazing  with many an amazing and nearly uninhabited beach I must tell you why this one was worth the bit of extra effort, or better yet I will just show you.



Seriously cool, especially for nerdy science guys (and gals). This pool that some nerdy science guy is showing off was neither the deepest or largest one. If you like snorkeling but you aren’t that into actually having to swim much, lava pool is for you! The pools were so full of fish it was easy to suppose they had been artificially stocked. We snorked (new made up word) around in these pools for quite some time and then ate our picnic lunch. Afterwards Marcus further explored the lava fields (and found a waterfall) while I ever so productively did the “beach” thing. (beach thing in Kauai for me meant laying on the beach and only getting wet up to the knees for fear of the strong tide).

my contribution

my contribution


marcus' contribution

marcus’ contribution

Should you go to Secret Beach….

  • Seriously, buy the guidebook
  • Befriend the local hippie so you’ll know how to find it
  • Wear your nerdiest sandals (steep trail, hot sand, ouchy lava rock)
  • Pack food and lots of water (it’s a very large beach)
  • Bring your snorkel (or at least swim goggles)
  • Be prepared to pee in the ocean (only natural potties here)
  • Don’t expect to do a lot of in ocean swimming; the tides scared me and I have survived a near-death-rip-tide before
  • Enjoy the waterfall near the end of your stay…because you’ll only want to hike to it once and once you see all of the secret (maybe the real secret of the beach) creepy crawlies living on the rock next to the fall you won’t want to get that close again (eeeek!)

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