Oh, Fashion Don’t

If you can’t tell (by my side bar picture or otherwise) I’m not a fashionista. I probably don’t quite qualify for What Not to Wear (because I at least generally know what size I wear). Because though I’ve been goofing around today on bloglovin and Pinterest it has really become quite clear to me that I am pretty damn clueless about fashion, make up, hair and everything that could apparently make me look good (and be popular!).  (Seriously this awesome zit on my cheek isn’t a fashion statement?). There are entire blog posts about what hair products/tools people use daily.

Here’s my list:

  1. Whatever shampoo was on sale
  2. Whatever conditioner was on sale
  3. A wide toothed comb
  4. A hairdryer
  5. A round brush (I don’t the know the size or what it’s made of).

My (actual) list if based purely on today:

  1. A brush
  2. A hairtie
  3. A snap barrette (had to Google how to spell barrette there).

The thing is, I guess anyone (with enough money) could get hip, they have the blogs and the YouTube videos and stylists. It might be that I’m just too lazy. I spend an hour getting ready in the morning anyway I can’t imagine if I actually did something fashion-productive during that time how long the routine would extend. I might just not be a fashionable gal and that’s okay because then there never would have been this picture…

Fashion Tip: Don't get hair cut in Mexico when you don't speak Spanish.

Fashion Tip: Don’t get hair cut in Mexico when you don’t speak Spanish.




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