The Pursuit of Purpose

or was it porpoise?

it should have been

it should have been

Adorable animal pictures aside. Perhaps you have noticed (because I know you do nothing but read this blog) the tagline that ends with “the pursuit of purpose?” While this was originally (in my thought process) meant just to pertain to the blog itself and it’s lack of subject focus (is it a travel blog? is it just a place to post embarrassing selfies?) but as it turned out it’s also a pretty apt way to describe my current state of life. While I seemed to manage many of life’s must do by 29 tasks: generic college degree (check), obligatory pet(s) of the 20-something years (meow!) and super smokin’ husband (mega check!); I’m still on the hunt for “my thing.”

For example, say tomorrow I won the lottery (miraculous considering there is no lottery on Thursdays and I have no ticket). Then after spending a week exhausting myself with booking every travel trip I ever wanted, buying an house in Park Hill and watching my entire Netflix queue what would I do next? I definitely have the deep emotional need to do something but I have absolutely no idea what my something would be. I posed this question to The Facebook (yes, I call it “The” Facebook, because I’m old, okay) and received a surprising number of seemingly serious responses (click it to enlarge, unless you have bionic eyeballs): You have money, now what?

Turns out my internet friends had some great ideas, ones totally worth stealing, however my  chosen combination of their responses: dancing and eating potato chips, doesn’t quite qualify as something. Truth be told I waffle. I waffle between having no grand ideas and wanting to do everything (today’s combo is: save elephants, learn to write “creatively,” and event logistics). So I wonder how does one find their passion (or purpose)? If I knew it then I could at least work towards it, right?



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