Fiber Challenge: Day 1

Around my 28th birthday I was told by a family friend (she’s a few years older than me) that once ladies turn 28 they will never again have an easy time in the bathroom. I’m talking about poop, yes poop (so stop reading if don’t have a desire to know about poop).

(So you do want to know about my poop? Interesting)  Then sure enough, ever since my 28th birthday I rarely go a day where I don’t feel bloated or make my husband want to leave the room with what he calls, “baby poop smelling farts.” Then there is (TMI, Seriously STOP Reading) the fact that I can easily go three days without pooping. I had no idea that this might be abnormal. Marcus thinks it  has to do with my lack of fiber intake, I think it has more to do with my baby making hormones pumping like mad with in vain anticipation. So this will be a good test of hypotheses.

My attempts at calculating Fiber intake from Day One:

Breakfast: Cottage Cheese- 0g Fiber, Apple – 4g Fiber

Lunch @ Red Robin: Bowl of Tortilla Soup- 7g , Split basket of fries- 2g (Fries have Fiber? Heck Yes!), Side of Black Beans – 5g (close anyway, I got full and didn’t finish them), Iced Tea- 0g Fiber (100g fantasticness)

Pre Exercise Snack: Goodness Knows Snack Squares – 2g (since I ate the snack I felt guilty enough and went to class, +45 mins of exercise)

Dinner: Turkey & Avocado Sandwich- 12.75g, Asparagus and sliced almonds – 6.6g, Glass of Wine- 0g (.5 drunkenness)

Total Day One Fiber: 39.4g Woot!

Feeling: One successful potty trip, still bloated, and craving potato chips.


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