Fiber Challenge: Day 4

Sticking with things isn’t my forte. Most of my grand ideas, never even make it past the grand idea stage. Remember that time I was going to get an MBA? Or how about that time I was going to become a teacher? Or move to Chicago?

As I lay awake last night unable to sleep due to dreams of floor layouts and toilets in closets (house hunting=bleh) I tried to think of things I’ve committed to and stuck to for at least a little while. I had cheerleading in high school, Program Council in College and Marcus. 3 in nearly 30 years, not so bad, right? The point being when I felt like having a french dip yesterday for lunch my inner quitter said, “Fuck it, I need red meat and fries, stop depriving me you ho!” Then I gave in and I don’t regret it because it was a very delicious sandwich but I do feel bad for nearly throwing in the towel. Thank goodness for Chipotle I knew you were fantastic but I didn’t know you were also a diet saver.

Day 4 Fiber Intake

Breakfast: Frosted Mini-Wheats- 6g

2nd Breakfast: Banana-2.8g

Lunch: (Epic Fail) French Dip and French Fries-1g (maybe)

Dinner: Chipotle Burrito Bowl aka Fiber-pa-looza, to make up for lunch- 20g

Daily Fiber Total: 27.28

Feeling: Lousy because there’s always one March Madness team that ruins everything for me (looking at you New Mexico), also still a bit bloaty, and one semi-successful potty break.


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