Fiber Challenge: Day Five

This is the final countdown….

Here’s a theory I want to float. If I’ve been a meat, potatoes and cheese kind of gal for my whole life and I come from a family of meat, potatoes and cheese kind of people, is it then possible that our dietary tracts have adapted? Is it better for my GI if I just stick to what I know? Let me know what you think and now….Back to poop….

Through this week I’ve definitely gone from a 2-3 times a week potty person to a once a day. I’ve recently found that I’m in the minority or all alone on this one, but I HATE pooping. I’m sure it all stems from my childhood deprivation. I had no idea that Everyone Poops because I had no book to tell me so. I thought it was terribly embarrassing to poop and NEVER did it anywhere but my own home. If I did it somewhere else, and someone else noticed then my cover would be blown and people would know that I was a pooper. I also have a very real fear of the toilet getting clogged, overflowing my poops and being shamed by some angry maintenance man or friend’s father.

This week has taught me that if I eat fiber I will poop more (crap! pun not intentional but totally awesome) but they will be the good kind of poops Q&C (quick and clean). I might even get in and out of the bathroom without being spotted and labeled a pooper. So maybe it’s worth eating more fiber, maybe.

Day 5 Fiber Intake:

Breakfast: A few bites of Raisin Bran before it tasted weird and I made Marcus finish it- 1 g

2nd Breakfast: Wasa Rye Crackers topped with pepper-jack cheese-3g

Eleventies: Unplanned Cheetos binge >1g so I’m going to say that’s .5g

Lunch: Whole Grain Tuscan Linguine from Noodles & Co. -13g

March Madness Stress Snack: Apple 3.7g

Dinner: Pot Roast (almost have eaten it all), Broccoli and Mashed Potatoes- 6.6g

Total Day 5 Fiber- 27.8 g

Feeling: Friday I had an on and off again stomach ache and no successful potty trips. As a reflection on the week, I feel glad I did it. I certainly learned a lot about fiber and just how possible it is to eat healthier. Am I going to have a lifestyle overhaul? Chances are slim, I mean, I had a hot pocket for breakfast today.


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