First Comes Love

Had an amusing comment via Facebook in response to last week’s fiber challenge (again, click to read unless you have bionic vision). MarriageIt’s true my pre-marriage blog‘s subject matter revolved a lot more around making out and never around poop.  I would like to point out to Chea, and other readers, that there are many more excellent subject matters to blog about post-marriage like…CATS!


Kirby in his new bed.

With the addition of dog we have a serious animal hair problem in our household, especially on Kirby’s favorite couch by the window. I bought him a kitty bed yesterday in the hopes that he might fall  deeply in love with it and never again sleep on every inch of the micro-suede (cat hair magnet) couch. Marcus sent me the above photo this afternoon as evidence that the experiment might be paying off. See being married is super cool!


One thought on “First Comes Love

  1. Okay I handled the fiber challenge end result
    and I’m handling the blog about cats. But please please don’t blog about the two together.

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