Wedding Longings

Something about the sudden arrival of spring has made me terribly nostalgic for wedding planning. This time last year I was (we were) in the intensive wedding planning mode and while at the time I wanted it to mostly be all over now I wish I could do (most of) it all over again. So instead I’m going to resort to some wedding related bullet points.

Something I didn’t think I would spend money on for my wedding that I’m really glad I did:

  • Professional Make-Up. I’m not the best at beauty related things (although I did recently and successfully) do my cousin’s make-up for prom. But when I got a giant stress zit on my chin three days before the wedding, I was so glad it was going to be her problem and not mine.
    From this (yikes) to...

    From this (yikes)…

    To This!

    …to this!

    Of course having an exceptional photographer also helped but that could be a post all by itself.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Longings

  1. Agh who knew that such affordable options were available! Oh well, I totally wanted to spend $1000 on a wedding dress…yeah…totally. Also, I think poor lighting is to blame for the first picture.

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