Spring Surprises

Since we bought our home in the early spring or as it could have been called this year, “Winter’s Last Attempt of Nasty Weekly Snowstorms,” we knew it was going to be a surprise what it all looked like once things started growing. It appeared that we had a rose bush but as novice gardeners we couldn’t be sure it wasn’t just giant thorny weed. I am happy to report that we do have roses, nice ones. I’m even happier to report that I think I’ve started to get the hang of the camera on my phone (don’t hate, it has more megapixels than my circa 2007 camera).

Here are some photos of our first blooms:20130610_201539

20130610_201442  20130611_082349

Guess since they aren’t weeds we’ll have to read up on how to care for the pretty gals (yes they are girls and yes, I probably will name them).


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