Summer Hits! (3)

I’ve had this song on my mind as a summer jam for a few months but frankly I thought it would be quickly overshadowed by bigger and danceyer (?) hits. Guess not, it’s been a slow summer.

Don’t get me wrong I think this song is super groovy (yes, because it’s basically a disco song). To me though instead of it being the jam that gets the party started it’s the song playing at the end of the night when you saunter up to that guy you are going to take home with you and whisper seductively in his ear….”Hey there, we have to go; it’s nearly 10:30 PM and we have brunch with the family in the morning.” (SEXY)

Basically what Marcus and I look like when we go out.

Basically what Marcus and I look like when we go out.

Without further ado, I give you Get Lucky but Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams (no real music video, which is a shame because I’d like to see more of Pharrell dancing to disco music). Perhaps I’ll just make a video of myself dancing to the song and post it. I know you can’t wait to see that…

And Finally, an SAT style multiple choice:

Pharrell Williams: 2013 Summer Jams:

______ : 2012 Summer Jams

a) Animal Print Pants

b) Canadian Pop Stars

c) Whistling




One thought on “Summer Hits! (3)

  1. I didn’t even suspect it was that song when I clicked on the link. Then 5 seconds in, when I figured it out, it was too late, I was hooked. And now, it shall be stuck in an infinite loop in my head.

    Also, I pick (c).

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