Oh no, You’re Welcome!

Call Me Old Fashioned But I still courtesy wave. I hear you teenagers (and people from New Jersey)… “What is courtesy wave?” you say. “Is that some kind of approval you give players who are being paid millions of dollars to swing bats and throw pig skins?” you wonder aloud.

That’s Cute.

No, silly. A courtesy wave is something you do when you are driving and it’s not your turn but someone lets you go anyway. You know like when you’re merging onto a packed highway or when you are driving the the far left lane even though your (clearly marked) exit is in 15 feet. When someone is nice to you, you acknowledge their kindness with a courtesy wave. It’s a simple shake of the hand that lets the other driver know you are thankful (and not an entitled dick).

Even thought I am a frequent giver of the courtesy wave I rarely get them. So when I do, like I did this morning (thank you funky fresh dude in a GIANGANTOR black pick-up truck) I get so overly excited I feel like I have made a new friend. In fact, I’m so pathetic I waved back, to uhm I guess thank him for being thankful?



2 thoughts on “Oh no, You’re Welcome!

  1. Every time I wave to someone for letting me in, I feel like a doofus because it is a lost art here in Denver. I will continue to do it, however, because there are some things that are just right.

  2. I definitely always try to do the wave! But even up here in Canada where it’s rumoured we’re all super polite (it’s a lie, guys), I rarely get one back. However, I do occasionally get one when people cut me off and pretend I let them in. At which point I swear at them and tell them exactly how not okay cutting me off is, regardless of how nicely you waved to me. If only they could actually hear me.

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