Summer Jams, The End

Summer is almost over (NOOOOOO!). So I suppose it’s time to put an end the Summer Jams Series. Good news for those of you burning your summer mixed CD you can now actually finalize it. (I know you’ve been waiting)

My final nomination for the hit jam of the Summer is Bruno Mars, Treasure:

I thought this song came out last year with his album and I was (as usual) behind the times but according to the internet the video was released in June, so woot! only a few months behind (a new record!).

The video is hilarious and the song is yet again another nod  to disco and we all know I’m all over that like a Bee Gee brother on the Hustle.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and as usual you can catch glimpses of me (possibly disco dancing) on the Camp Jabberwocky Blog.

Oh and Kevin, when can your coworker and I start our official Bruno Mars Fan Club?


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