Homemade Advent Calendar

I caught a crafty bug in mid-November. I’d been thinking about taking up a new craft hobby, don’t ask me how I got the idea, I couldn’t tell you but I decided I was going to be a Wood Burner! I’m not sure that’s actually a title but nevertheless I ordered myself this fabulous contraption.woodburner

It turns out this was a very popular past time for children in the 60’s ask your neighborhood 50-something-year-old about it.

I also had an idea to make an advent calendar. My parents have what must have been all the rage in advent calendars from the 80s because if you just search mouse advent calendar plenty of pirate-able pictures appear like the one below.Mouse+Advent+Calendar

I personally prefer this type of calendar to the ones that give a candy each day and I wanted something similar for my future children to compete over. (My brother and I would always try to be the one that moved the mouse. I still make a point of if when I go by my parents’ house in December) Last Christmas I shopped around a lot for something similar but not too kitschy and came up empty. This year I combined my new crafting hobby + the need for an advent calendar and came up with this:

woodburning advent calendar

If you would care to make yourself something similar or just want to marvel in my awesomeness I have listed out my ever so brilliant creation tips below:

Stuff needed:

  • Woodburner and assorted tips (duh)
  • Large piece of craft wood (and a handy dad or someone who can cut it into desired sizes)
  • Fine grain sand paper
  • Carbon paper (some is included in the kit above)
  • Printed Patterns (with trial and error I found the best looking, and easiest to search for online are coloring book pages)
  • Clear Wood sealer and brushes
  • Picture hanging wire
  • Empty Picture frame (wooden)
  • Staple Gun
  • Mini Clothespins
Go as secular or religious as you like. Add a Krampus too!

Go as secular or religious as you like. Add a Krampus for extra flair!


  1. Start early, this was a fun process but pretty time consuming, best done while Christmas movies play in the background.
  2. Once the wood pieces are cut to size (mine are approx 2 in x 2 in) sand both sides and edges until smooth trace a number on one side and a Christmas image of your choosing on the other with the carbon paper. (Make sure to cut extras as it is easy to make mistakes, I remade 4 or 5 of mine once the lot was completed)
  3. Wood burn away!
  4. Seal both sides of completed tiles and let dry
  5. Lightly sand sealed tiles and seal again.
  6. Measure the frame to figure out correct spacing for the tiles, take into account the room that will be needed by the clothespins (I say this as I had to move the dang wires many, many times).
  7. Staple picture hanging wire to frame
  8. Clothes Pin tiles with number sides facing out
  9. Race your family members every morning to be the one who gets to turn the tile to the picture side. Do Victory Dance.
  10. Have a spectacular Christmas!

One thought on “Homemade Advent Calendar

  1. That’s beautiful! What a great idea! I know my mom handmade my sister and I advent calendars, that we can fill with non-plastic-y chocolates, but I do like the idea of not consuming all that extra sugar (although it is sooo tasty!). I’ve never seen that moving mouse thing before either! So many good ideas for future crafts, thanks!

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